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C/C++ Code Auditing is a highly practical, interactive training course that focuses on reviewing the source code of software written in C and C++ to find security problems and mitigate them. This course uses real-world examples, walking through real code samples, using live applications.

At the end of this course, you will:

  • Know how to identify security flaws in C/C++ applications
  • Be able to fix security flaws.
  • Know how to perform security testing.
  • Understand basics for how to conduct code reviews
  • Be able to follow the new discovered threats and be updated with new techniques
  • Know how to write code to avoid introducing vulnerabilities

What will you get

  • Printed materials for secure development training
  • Virtual machine includes all labs, vulnerable and remediated codes
  • 2 hours practical exam after training
  • Certification of completion


To successfully complete this course, you must have:
  • At least one year experience with C/C++ programming.
  • Experience with Linux platform.
  • Knowledge of debugging methods for C/C++ applications.

Topics Covered

  1. Introduction to application security
  2. Design flaws
  3. Source Code Auditing
  4. Memory Corruptions
  5. Data Types
  6. Injections
  7. SDL – Secure Development Lifecycle
  8. Secure Code Review
Reverse Engineering: Introduction
Incident Handling and Forensics Examinations: Advanced