ZISoft Security Awareness Program

Social engineering compromise 50% of all attacks, and have costs businesses worldwide from $25,000 to $100,000 per incident. The single most important method to protect against social engineering is by security awareness.

Why Zisoft:

  1. Reduces security awareness costs up to 80% compared to any other alternatives such as classroom-based and any electronic methods.
  2. ZiSoft is the only Arabic based security awareness program available in the market.

ZiSoft Features:

  1. It contains separate security awareness lessons for general users and IT professionals within the company. At the end of each lesson, there are exercises to test understanding of user.
  2. The lessons contains videos and animations that uses cultural and psychological methods that helps to attract user attention, understanding and retention. Please see this video example of one of the lessons we provide: http://youtu.be/5igausfYdZA
  3. The software package comes with 10 free security awareness workshops, 3 hours each.
  4. Also comes with the software package, Free printed security awareness posters, as well as screensavers and backgrounds.
  5. Videos and lessons can be customized according to company policies.
  6. There are Management and HR Follow-up Interfaces. Admin and management can follow the progress of each user, statistical data of all lessons, chat and comment with users.
  7. Smart phone integration with iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows.
  8. An easy to use web interface accessed using user active directory credentials.